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Full Moon

Caetano Veloso

THE words

Dancing in a Projection-Mapped Cube

Beauty on the real virtual mix

Beautiful Cornwall in 1916 in colour! [HD restored and AI colorized]

A wonderfully restored and colorized film about beautiful Cornwall in the UK more than a century ago in 1916 (silent film). The film title is "The Cornish Riviera" by Kineto ltd. London.

So beautiful to go back in time

The Wardian Case

An incredible device that changed the moving of plants across the planet...

The Ostrich danced by Charles Moore (1932)

Charles Moore, from the film Dance Black America (1983)

Moving like the big bird...

'Now is the time': watch Chloé Lopes Gomes' performance in support of Black Lives Matter (2020)

Chloé Lopes Gomes

Ocean of books


Thousand of books organized by similarities.

Those wonderful spaces

Massimo Listri, photographer

Those wonderful old places, like libraries and palaces, around the world... as seen by Listri's expert eye

Wynton Marsalis - Jazz in Marciac 2009

Pavel Levin

Playing with tones...



THE unique fingerprint of every single element in the Universe

Why Electrical Devices Killed So Many Edwardians


Watch as Dr Suzannah Lipscomb delves into the Edwardian world of electricity and the horrors that came with it.

Atom Tone

Music from the atomic spectra

Sonification of spectroscopic atomic data, software+performance since 2015

The most isolated house in the world

Happy Traveler

Definition os "alone"

My Bird Budy

MyBird Budy

My friends, the birds... Through a digital hole

"How Deep Is Your Love" - Bee Gees (Cover) ft.

Stan Taylor Brother Stone & The Get Down

Cars of the future, as seen in 1948

Popular Mechanics.

It's always a matter of sheer imagination

Centennial Bulb

Still on... Shinning since 1901...

Kids in Lumiere films (1896) now in [4K, 60 fps, color]

Nineteenth century videos. Back to life

A time machine...

Symphony of Science

A music project created by Washington-based electronic musician John D. Boswell.

Amazing way to put music on science's words... fascinating. The project seeks to "spread scientific knowledge and philosophy through musical remixes." 

Rewind museum

Museum of early consumer electronics

The Roman roads as subway lines

Sasha Trubetskoy (2017)

An easier way to get to Rome...

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