A story of people sharing meaningful moments.

Old photos of Edmund Hillary at the Everest

The Guardian

A most single relevant feat...

The Flying Train, Germany, 1902

Denis Shiryaev from Moma old shooting

Totally mesmerizing... Can you see yourself there 100 years ago?


Post Malone

The music, somehow disconnected from the tracks

Eitetsu Hayashi // Utage (Taiko)

SENZOKU GAKUEN college of Music


Beautiful Lofoten islands

Stefan Zimmermann

Definition of beautiful geography


LabCity UK

A lot of tools to simulate lab experiments to learn physics...

Fantastic Saturn

Nasa Hubble Telescope

Snapshot from NASA's Hubble Space Telescope, taken on July 4, 2020, when the opulent giant world was 839 million miles from Earth.

L'arbre Blanc

Sou Fujimoto

This mesmerizing building...

Starling Murmuration

Sophie Windsor Clive & Liberty Smith

The apparently chaotic dance of starlings... Pure and simple algorithms

Eitetsu Hayashi // Fertility of the Sea (Taiko)

SENZOKU GAKUEN college of Music

Drums. Soul.

Photoreal Roman Emperors

Daniel Voshart

How did they look like?

Amazing polyglots in History

History Collection

Did you know that Engels spoke more than 30 languages?


Alanis Morissette, album “such pretty forks in the road”

Out from the sea, the growing Spratly islands

Getty Images

A selection of images of this contested place on Earth (actually on the China Sea)

Back to Mars, you old rock


A piece of the SAU008 Mars meteorite goes back to Mars with the Mars2020 probe

Ghubar Script

Makhtutaat manuscripts

Text within text... to send havy info on a pigeons message

Tokyo 1913-1915, like it were today...

Denis Shiryaev

Time trip...

Marc Romboy & Orchestra

Marc Romboy & Dortmund Philharmonic Orchestra

Old and new build the next

The Bouvet island lifeboat


Intriguing story in the middle of nowhere...

Vermont from the air drones

New York Times

Top down bliss

Violin Piano Chaplin Keaton Limelight

David Q. Cohen

Two mutually respectful masters...

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